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That’s me, Benjamin Fitts the custom card guy. I had that funny little drawing made up to show people what I do for a living. I help people make custom greeting cards for less than the cost of store bought cards. Best of all we even send out the cards for you. No need to go to the store or post office!

You can use our system to create a custom card, we’ll print the card, stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and mail them for you! As few as 1 card or as many as 10,000s.

Our system is great to send out cards for personal or for business use. We can do holiday cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, or custom greeting cards for special events. We can do 1 card or 3000 cards. Most of our custom cards cost less than store bought cards! Cards range in price from $1.17 to $1.97.

  • Pick a design from over 14,000 designs on our web site
  • OR upload a digital photo and make your own custom card design
  • Upload photos, logos, or coupons
  • Type in your personal message
  • We print it in your handwriting, with your signature
  • We stuff the envelope
  • We lick the stamp
  • We mail it for you via first class mail
  • We have an APP for that! iPhone and Android app! Send a card right from your mobile device!

Internet based greeting card system.As simple as email, but we print real custom greeting cards and mail them first class mail with a real postage stamp.

Postage within the US is 44¢ – the cost of a first class stamp.

We send internationally too. We calculate postage dynamically because we send anywhere in the world for you! International postage for a 2 panel greeting card ranges from 59¢ to 98¢ depending on the country (By comparison Apple charges $2 for international!)

The cards in the video are real cards created by ourselves and our customers.

We can do as few as one card at a time or send tens of thousands of cards automatically. You can even setup a campaign to send out cards on a specific date for a birthday or anniversary. You can also setup campaigns to send a series of follow up cards on specific dates!

We can also send gifts. We can include a box of cookies, brownies, or other food items. Or we can insert a gift card to one of your favorite stores as a thank you or as a present. Or we can insert an American Express gift card for up to $100. There is no reason to waste time going to a store. Let us do it all for you.

You can also try send out cards by clicking this link and my automated system will setup a complimentary account for you to try our service and send up to 3 cards for free.

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Ben Fitts

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