Tonight Training for new Send Out Cards customers

Tonight I am hosting a beginner training for new Send Out Cards customers, distributors, and prospects who want to learn how to use the system.

October 25th at:
9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central / 7 PM Mountain / 6 PM Pacific

How to use the SOC system.  Beginner training on topics like adding contacts, creating groups, uploading photos, and creating cards.

Register for the webinar at:

We’re also hosting a series of webinars over the next several weeks on sending Holiday cards and gifts using the Send Out Cards system.  These are all free to attend.

You can find the complete schedule at:

See you on the webinar!

Send Out Cards iPad App is Live (and iPhone too)

We are excited to announce that Send Out Cards’ iPad App (and iPhones) is now available to  everyone! Start sending cards and gifts directly from your phone right now by downloading this innovative app from the App Store. We’ve put in great time and effort to bring you this fun, user-friendly tool that that will help you act on your promptings even faster while on the go.
send out cards iphone app
To find the app in the appstore search for the phrase “sendoutcards” all one word,  with no spaces.  You’ll be able to download the app for free!
If you don’t have an account yet, you can use the sponsor id: 1899  to get started.
Please know that the next 30 days will be considered a public beta test of the SendOutCards App. We are currently working on some reported bugs and system errors and would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have with regards to issues you may encounter. Submit your feedback by contacting our Support Department  by phone (801-463-3800), email ( or use the live chat feature on the bottom of your Send Out Cards web site.
send out cards ipad appWe’d also like to remind you that this is an app, not the full Send Out Cards website. The app is designed for you to select a card, personalize it with your own message and photo, add a gift and then send quickly and efficiently. We’re currently the only greeting card app I know of that allows you to send gifts with your card. If you would like to use picture plus templates and elements, your personal handwriting font, the SOC Photo Store and other options only available on the SendOutCards website, you must use the regular SOC web site.
To use the full SOC web site iPhone and iPad users need an app like iSwifter which allows them to run Adobe Flash.  That’s why we created the app so you can act on your promptings and send a card even when you are on the road.
If you are an Android user, do not despair! The Send Out Cards App will be made available for Android users to download in the next few weeks.
Thank you to everyone who has already downloaded and used the SendOutCards App. The cards and gifts are being processed and printed! We are looking forward to the upcoming enhancements that we will continue to create together.