Green Greeting Cards

green greeting cardsYes we offer green greeting cards.

The paper we use is premium, post-consumer recycled paper. This includes both the paper for our greeting cards and also the paper for the envelopes. The percentage that is recycled may vary, but it is at least 10% post-consumer recycled material. Our paper is .12 in thickness and the gloss is a biodegradable sheer UV coating. The ink is acid-free and is made of biodegradable recycled plastics.

Perhaps the most important green aspect of our business, is the lack of waste.

In a traditional greeting card business you have millions of pre-printed cards. The typical greeting card display has 1000 to 2000 styles of card on display. Multiples of each card are available and more cards are in inventory both in the back storeroom and in the regional warehouse.  For one design thousands of cards will be printed.  Some of these cards will be damaged in transit and will go into waste bins.

Try our cards for yourself. You can request a complimentary account and send up to 3 cards for free.

Even further waste comes from failed designs. In a traditional franchise greeting store, many designs may not be popular. They may not sell as well as expected. In that case you have thousands of wasted cards sitting in inventory. You have even more of this card design sitting in a warehouse that cannot be sold.  Think of all the wasted paper and ink from these un-popular designs just sitting on shelves in warehouses somewhere.

With our service everything is print on demand.  When we design a card the design exists only in the computer. Nothing is printed until a customer goes into our web site and selects a card design.  We don’t waste all that extra paper.  We don’t have back stock to fulfill orders. If you took a peek in our warehouse you would see ink and blank paper. We don’t waste cards like a traditional greeting card franchise!

I think you have to agree, these are very GREEN greeting cards.

Try our green greeting cards for yourself. You can request a complimentary account and send up to 3 cards for free.