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download our mobile appSend Out Cards is happy to announce the launch of our mobile app! You can now send greeting cards and gifts right from your tablet, cell phone, or mobile device!

Download our app here.

Open the app and click on “send a free card”.

Send a card to a loved one, client, or prospect.

Tomorrow we’ll print the card, stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and mail it for you.

This is perfect for people in sales professions. Met with a client today? Send out a card right away before you forget about it! Let them know you appreciate them taking the time to meet with you. A few days later a card will arrive in the mail!

Win $1000 for sending out a card or gift!

Send Out Cards Make it to Millions Giveaway
Did you know Send Out Cards is close to sending our 100,000,000 card and our 3,000,000 gift? The person that sends that card or gift gets $1000 cash! As of November 5th, we are at 98,934,412 total cards sent and 2,936,680 total gifts sent!

Have you sent a card today? You can send a card for free on me at:

PLUS if you are a distributor and your customer sends the special card or gift YOU also win $1000!  How cool is that?!

Send Out Cards was just featured in a case study by Xerox Corp

Send Out Cards was just recognized for our accomplishments by being featured in a case study from Xerox Corporation.

As a partner with Xerox we have been able to produce up to 700,000 greeting cards in a single day!  70% of these cards are customized with personal photos!

We’re now running 6 Xerox IGen printers that can each print 80 cards per minute (480 total cards per minute!).

If you haven’t tried Send Out Cards yet, you can try it for free on me.

Pay It Forward – Show gratitude for Dan’s Coffee Run

Meet Dan Dewey.

Dan's Coffee Run

(That’s Dan on the right) He is doing something inspirational to help strangers.

You see once a week Dan goes to the Rose Cancer Center and takes “coffee” orders from the patients, staff, and family. He then drives to Starbucks pays for 15 to 20 coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos from his own pocket. He then carefully drives back to the hospital and delivers all the coffees.

You see Dan’s dad was a chemotherapy patient at Rose Cancer Center. His dad had treatments every Thursday morning at 10 AM. Dan started buying coffee for other patients and staff while his dad was getting treatments. Before Dan’s dad passed away he asked him to keep doing the coffee runs.

Here are some video clips from local news stories talking about “Dan’s Coffee Runs.”

Video #1 Fox News

Video #2

I’ve spoken with Valerie who is the Starbucks barista featured in the videos. She helps Dan when she can. Dan has apparently had some financial woes.

I thought we could help by sending Dan a bunch of Starbucks cards. We know they’ll go to a good cause. We know he’ll pay it forward and spread the joy to hundreds of other people.

We are in Send Out Cards. We are a company of gratitude senders. We have a great tool to send cards AND to send Starbucks gift cards. Let’s pay it forward and help Dan out by buying the coffee. Wouldn’t it be great if he didn’t have to buy any coffee from his own pocket for a year?

Valerie gave me his mailing address. I’ve already sent my first Starbucks card to Dan.

Dan Dewey
Dans Coffee Run
PO Box 563
Keego Harbor, MI 48320

Now what if this is all a scam? So what. If each of us sends $5 or $10 Starbucks card or whatever… what is the worst that could happen? We’re not writing out giant checks. We’re not buying the cards from them, we’re buying them from SOC. So I’m thinking let’s do this. Heck I’m already doing it. If you want to help out great! Let’s pay it forward.

– Ben Fitts
The Custom Greeting Card Guy

PS All credit has to go to Jeff Hubbard a fellow Send Out Cards distributor that shared this original idea with me.  He wanted to do something nice for Dan but didn’t have the reach I do so he asked me to get involved. Jeff, you rock.