Apple Greeting Cards

Apple® has released their own greeting cards service.

You can use their cards app to send cards from your iPhone® or iPad® or you can use their iPhoto® 11 software to send Letterpress® cards from your Mac® computer.

Thank you Apple for copying our service. You have even copied our pricing and our app.  😉

(Click here to try our service and create a complimentary account)

We have been printing/mailing your cards for years. We have had the bar code tracking from the US Postal service for two years. We have the iphone/ipad app too.

Unfortunately Apple Greeting Cards service has a few shortcomings:

  1. Our service works from any computer web browser with Flash and we also have an app for iPhone/iPad. Apple’s service will only work with their app or iPhoto. You will have to buy their app or upgrade to their iPhoto 11 software and it will only work on Mac® not PC.
  2. With our service you may pay as little as 59 ¢ postage to mail to Canada or 60 ¢ to Australia. Most international shipping charges with us are less than $1. Apple charges $2 per card flat rate for international shipping. Our international shipping is based on location so we don’t charge you extra.
  3. We offer HUNDREDS of templates. Apple only has 27 templates you can add photos to.
  4. Our card editor allows you to create totally unique custom designs. You can take one of our templates and mix and match elements (like clipart only better) to create your own. You can layer your photos or make collages. You can even create your own designs and upload the graphics to us.
  5. We have a built in card catalog of 15,000+ card designs you can also pick from if you don’t want to make your own or don’t have time.
  6. We offer the ability to send gifts with a card.  Apple doesn’t. You can send gift cards, food items, gift baskets, books and much more with a card!
  7. We offer the ability for you to put your message inside the card in your handwriting! That’s right we can take your handwriting and turn it into a font so that when you type your message we print it in your handwriting. Apple doesn’t offer this service.
  8. We offer the ability to create campaigns to mail out cards to thousands of people at once. You can setup campaigns to send timed cards like automated birthday cards, anniversary cards, or holiday cards. You can also setup campaigns to automatically send a series of cards.
  9. Did I mention automated birthday cards? That’s right. Our contact manager allows you to store your contact’s birthdays. We send you email reminders about their birthdays so you don’t miss them and we can even send a card campaign with automatically sends your birthday cards so your friends receive the cards on their birthday.
  10. We hand proof all cards coming through our system. (watch the how it works video) We have a review team that flips through every single card to look for obvious printing errors, blank cards, blurry printing, etc. Does Apple proof every card?
  11. We offer wholesale greeting card pricing as well as retail. Apple’s program only offers retail pricing and there are no price discounts for quantity.
  12. We offer a referral program.  We’ll pay you for your referrals! You can make enough from a few referrals to pay for all the cards you send or… You can even become a distributor and make a full time income from our program.

See for yourself, try our greeting card service.  Find out why we’ve been in in the greeting card business since 2004. Test drive our service where you can click on our web site, upload your photos, make your own unique custom greeting cards, insert your message, in your handwriting, with your signature…. and we print the card, stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and mail it for you. Click here to try our service and create a complimentary account.

If you’re still not sure, watch this video to see how our service works.

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